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Thanks to Boer for this logo :-)

   Over the last couple of weeks, I had thoughts to retire from Air Warrior and drop my subscription to GameStorm. Well my decision took weeks to decide but, RedRum is retiring from Air Warrior.  In my case, everyone treated me with respect as I treated everyone else with respect. My last complete mission flown had to be in late April. I believe that Air Warrior just burned me out. I used to play everyday, everynight, and I would always make squad nights to whom whatever squad that I was involved with. In March, I received my license and then later I bought a Eclipse. I would like to thank The 444th AIr Mafia for showing me how to really enjoy the game of Air Warrior. In the Mafia everyone is a family member. Well now I'm gonna thank a lot of people right now, here I go; Mat79 (Introducing me to Air Warrior), Deadstick(first ever CO), K-Man, Madmn, Pappy, Ruqic, Thorr, Goobm, Atis, -SIN-, 73Roc, Trop, Wood, 3Bat, 4614 (2-2), MDJOE, Zito, LPN, Blade, Etek, JHFFO, TCat9, C5,gxy, Mule, Trix, all the 444th Air Mafia, just to many of you to name :-). Everyone listed has helped me learn the game of Air Warrior. Signing out for last time, <S>!

Andy Guss