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Film Vault and Book Store

Please observe silence during the film while your fellow comrades also enjoy the show! Please dispose of waste in the garbage cans in the rear of the building. No smoking! Click on the Side Picture to view the films.. Please send in your films and a brief description.

These films are of Adult Content and should not be seen by kids under 12!

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sm_p51.gif (1418 bytes) LongBow- JBKidd downs 2 Germans in a Jug

smf4u.gif (2577 bytes) P38- Mule kills the best of  em

sm_schmit.gif (1580 bytes) Fighter Town Tactics by Mule (I think, not rated)

smspit.gif (1383 bytes) MDJoe trashes a Corsair, A26, F6F, and another A26 while flying a Hellcat

nik.gif (1573 bytes) Again MDJoe kills an Oscar, Spit, and a Vader.

korea.gif (1276 bytes) Zito trashes the competition.

buff.gif (1358 bytes) TCat9 show the right way to bomb like hell! Includes 10 Films!

buff1.gif (1567 bytes) RRum returns for his first gunning mission in months. Includes 2 films.

Now entering RedRum's Bookstore. Barnes and Nobles books available here. Right now the books are WWII related, soon there should be other types of books. If you any suggestions just drop a line. Thanks Rum...


generation.asp (14812 bytes)   The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw

citsoldiers.asp (15260 bytes) Citizen Soldiers by Stephan E. Ambrose

dday.asp (15639 bytes) D-Day by Stephan E. Ambrose

weapons.asp (9848 bytes) The Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II by Chris Bishop (editor)

warplanes.asp (11767 bytes) The GateFold Book of World War II WarPlanes by Chris Marshall

band.asp (15121 bytes) Band of Brothers by Stephan E. Ambrose

guad.asp (12959 bytes) Guadalcanal by Richard B. Frank

ghosts.asp (8421 bytes) Ghosts by Philip Makanna and Jeffrey Ethell

Books brought to you by

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