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The Straight Dope

Weekly Commentary by RedRum



   Vultching is it good, bad, or just a form on art? As we all know vultching is when a plane flys in on a plane that is attempting to take off and they are killed by the other plane.  It's a really easy way to get points, and those A Kill has been recorded messages. Wow do I love those. The plane that is taking is hopeless and might as well crash before getting killed, but then again who's fault is it? I believe its the pilots trying to take off. Why not check your map before taking off? You will have a better chance of living if you know there isn't a vultcher around. Just take off from another field and kill the vultcher easily. I find it funny when people complain about vultchers, when it actually is their fault. The art of vultching, watching a film is very funny watching the prey try to turn and fight when it has no energy. At least they die trying to fight. lol....