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    Who is RedRum? Who is the man behind the computer screen? Well maybe this short (at least I think it will be) bio will help you learn about RedRum....

   Lets see where shall we begin? Alright lets start off with my name. My name is Andy Guss. I have been living in Grafton, Wisconsin for all of my life. (That's why you have to have those vacations to Mexico once in awhile) Actually life in Wisconsin is not all dull. Summer is always hot, 80-90 most of the time. Winter, ahh 20-30 has gotta be around the average. Now I know all of you that live on the West Coast or in the South might not see snow that much, and are terrified about the thought of it. Sledding should be a sport! The Snow Derbys rock! (5-10 people on sleds trying to tear eachother off the sleds) Ok, nuff of that. BTW, I just turned 16 so get off the roads in Wisconsin! I play football (or at least use to) for the Grafton BlackHawks.  We haven't had a losing season since I've been playing and thats around 4 years. OK now to AW Career....

    Alright I started playing Air Warrior in Feburary of '98. I was introduced by a friend at school and decided to play AW3 Beta. (Back to AW3 Later) My first mission ever, had to have happened in '97 at my friend's house. I was flying a B17 across some big river (wasn't into AW and didn't even know what I was doing) and by the time I got across 2 of my engines had stalled (what luck!) I reached the base and all of a sudden this "stuff" was firing at me. I had no idea what it was, and boy did I learn what it was, ACK! Well I dropped on the target and I think I got 8/12 shots, pretty good for my first time. OK, back to AW3. I was never able to play beta because I wasn't able to hook up to was I a moran back then when I came to computers.... Here is a timeline on my squad jumping... BTW this was a bad move on my part....squad jumping is not good....

Squadron Country Estimated Date Reason Left
333rd Air Cavalry CZ Feb-April Squad Fell Apart
VMF214 BlackSheep CZ April-June Arguments
C HAWKS CZ June-Sept. Bored of Euro! :-)
{WildCards} BZ November-Dec. Didn't Make Requirements
444th Air Mafia AZ Dec-Present Will Never Leave

    Well, there you go.... BTW Mobsters you are the best! You have brought together many different sides of Air Warrior. You all have defined TEAMWORK! Much love for the 444th AirMafia! Also <S> AZ and all other AW Players!

Well here is a little picture of me.....touring the Mexico Border in Cancun! If you have the chance get down there! It's sweet!

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(Picture- April 1998, Cancun Mexico)